Getting Started

Finding the perfect pet sitter is no small thing...we get that! We're all about making life easier for you as a pet parent. Our process is simple, yet complete and precise allowing you to go about your own business with "no worries" for your pets well being. From the moment you first contact us to the time we deliver service, we aim to please! We promise to provide consistent, loving care for all of our No Worries 4 Pets pals!

Step One: How Can We Help?
Our request form is the best way to get the ball rolling. As soon as we receive your submission we'll review it and begin a conversation with you so you can tell us all about your pets and help us understand exactly what you're looking for. Do you need a mid-day dog walker? Or maybe a pet sitter to care for your pets while you're out of town? Need help training the dog? We'll ask about your pet's daily routine and feeding instructions, their personality and any special needs they may have. Whatever you need, we can help!

You've got questions? We've got answers! We'll explain the details of our services and help you choose what works best for you and your pets. Based on our conversation, we'll match you with a pet care specialist that will fit your needs to a tee.

Step Two: Getting To Know You
We know you don't want just anybody taking care of your precious pets. That's why we choose a convenient time to schedule a Get Acquainted visit with you and your pet sitter so they can spend some time getting to know you and your pets. We promise to do our very best to impress, because we want everyone to be happy while you're away! This is the time to clue us in to all the things your pet needs to be happy, healthy and relaxed in your absence.

Before our get together, we'll give you a login to access our secured online client service center. Here you'll fill out a profile for your pet, enter your contact information and all the other information we need to get the job done. You can be as detailed as you like, we love knowing exactly what you need and expect! When we visit with you, we'll go over all the information in your profile so that you can be assured that we know precisely what you need us to do.

Step Three: Making Reservations...And Off You Go!
Follow Us on FacebookThat's it! As a registered client you can log in to our online client service center and let us know what you need and when you need it, then leave the rest to us! We'll check our availability and send you a service confirmation by email, so you can review all the details before you your service dates begin. In addition, we'll contact you with daily updates by phone, email or text message, so you can be relax, knowing that everything is as you expect. We'll even include a picture or video as well! Our priority is caring for your pet, but we also care about your peace of mind, because worrying is no fun and you have better things to do!

For your convenience, reservations can also be requested by phone, email, or text message if you prefer.

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