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No Worries 4 Pets is your one-stop solution to ALL your pet care needs. We know what it's like to fret over finding the right person to look after our fur-kids while we're away from home. Our goal is to partner with you to take the worry out of pet parenthood. We'll always be there for you and your pets, providing loving care and keeping them company just as you would do if you were home. Whether it's pet sitting, boarding, daycare or dog walks, we want to be the friendly face that your pet most looks forward to seeing, second only to you!

Katherine and Michael McCarter, Founders on No Worries 4 Pets with Magnus and Dezdemona

Katherine & Mike McCarter
Founders of No Worries 4 Pets
with Magnus & Dezdemona.


Katherine's Story

As a little girl, there were three things I wanted to be when I grew up:

  1. An animal trainer
  2. A ballerina
  3. A Hairdresser

The ballerina idea fell away a long time ago. The hair dresser idea evolved into other things and I worked in the fashion and beauty industry for most of my adult life. I loved it, but something was always missing.

Eventually I felt a growing frustration as day after day went by and I was unable to make it to the dog park with our newest addition, a 10 month old bundle of energy, and our faithful dog of 15 years before dark. All day I would find myself trying to figure out how I could spend more time outside with my dogs! I’ve always been an outdoor kind of girl and the years spent sitting inside an office had taken a toll. I knew it was time to make a change. I owed it to my dogs and I owed it to myself.

About a year later, I finally found the opportunity I’d been looking for. I leaped for it and have never looked back. There’s no doubt that this is where I belong! I'm fortunate to have been born with a natural affinity towards animals and an instinctive understanding of animal behavior. I've surrounded myself with animals and actively studied them all of my life. I've even been smooched by a Bengal tiger and wrestled with a Sun Bear! I always yearned to bask in the magic that I felt in their presence. This deep longing was something I’ve never been able to adequately explain, even to those closest to me.

Throughout my life I’ve had many pets of various types, and loads of dogs. I’ve enjoyed training my dogs, but I must admit that they've taught me much more than I could ever teach them. Each one of them, in their own unique way, have taken me further along in my understanding of these wonderful creatures we call our best friends. I cherish many memories of wonderful companions who've shared their lives with me and my family.

Today, I couldn't be happier as I'm finally able to spend my days playing with, caring for and lovin' up all my pet pals!

Caring For Canines

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

~ Mahatma Gandhi

One of our goals is to raise awareness about important issues for dogs living in a city environment. It goes beyond spaying, neutering and obedience training. It’s important to understand the mental, emotional and social needs of dogs. City dogs face challenges that dogs in a rural environment may not have. As social creatures, it is vital to their well-being that they be an active part of the family and a positive social group, not left to hang out in the back yard or confined inside, alone for long periods of time.

We are wholly committed to pursuing a course that will further these objectives, and other important issues for the welfare of animals in our community and abroad.

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